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Full Version: 3 Boxes - 19-20 SP Authentic
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Good Day All,

Was out yesterday with my Bother and picked up my first boxes of 19-20 SP Authentic.  Most of this break I will be keeping for my sets.  Not list or show are the Upper Deck update cards, there was a couple YG's and the rest was the base or All-Star cards.

Here are the hits followed by a Top 4, start guessing now what #1 is, its a very pretty gem.

Here we go

Moments cards for my set.
[Image: 49982196687_17e3c496e4.jpg]

SP Essentials for my set
[Image: 49981416038_9917efc40b.jpg]

Spectrum FX Inserts and Authentic Winners
[Image: 49982196627_51a7bba2e8.jpg]
The Level 1 FX cards are only available FT, none of the codes are scratched. All others are PC

Limited Red Parallels
[Image: 49981940741_a34b148082.jpg]
PC cards are the Carey Price, Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby and the Steven Stamkos, all other are available FT

Now some Autos

[Image: 49981940726_20fc522092.jpg]
Going to keep all of these for now

Next up are the better cards from the break in my opinion.  These will all be staying in the collection.


Limited Patch Auto /100, 3 colour

[Image: 49982196562_6075fcbc93.jpg]


A nice YG for the Set

[Image: 49981940706_8fb11098c6.jpg]


A nice FWA

[Image: 49982196572_d7546f4cd2.jpg]

and coming in a #1 is a Beautify Retro 4 colour FW Patch Auto /50 

[Image: 49981415978_456a087d3b.jpg]

There you have it.  Could possible be one of my best breaks ever.

Thanks for the look, all comments are welcome.

Great boxes, Congrats on the Hughes, Also great Oilers Smile