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Full Version: 1 Box - 19-20 Upper Deck Credentials
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Good Day All,

Was out yesterday with my Brother and we hit on the LCS for a couple boxes of SPA and decided I would grab a box of 19-20 Upper Deck Credentials as well.

Here are the results from the box of Credentials.

[Image: 49982097077_f65fc69edd_z.jpg]
All of these are FT

[Image: 49982097067_7a813ea3aa.jpg]
Ilya Mikhayev is PC, all others are available FT

[Image: 49982097057_ff651ee52a.jpg]
Ilya Mikheyev is PC, all others are available FT

....and the better hits.

[Image: 49982097082_c0425ce44d.jpg]
Auston Matthews is PC, others are available FT

There you have it, not the strongest box but a couple nice cards for the collection.

Some nice hits.