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Full Version: My Annual Hockey Bust - One Jumbo of 2019-20 MVP
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There was one lonely 34-card jumbo pack of 2019-20 MVP at my local Target.

So I busted it hoping to add to my Knights PC ... happened to pull my favorite Knight, William Karlsson!

The pack was already a winner for me.

But then I thought, wouldn't it be cool to pull the kid who helped the Blues win the Cup last year?

A few cards later ... Jordan Binnington!

I know these cards don't book for much, but for a $5 investment to pull both cards I wanted out of a 200-card (non-SP) set is pretty solid.

I also pulled a SP RC of Jacob Middleton for my Sharks PC, as well as a Supernovas insert of Sebastian Aho.

Not bad!
Nice, Always great to pull PC cards
powelldu Wrote:Nice, Always great to pull PC cards
Thank you, I was pretty excited.

Sometimes it's nice to take a step back from the big pulls, hot eBay cards, the autos and jerseys and enjoy a pack because of the players in it, like the good old days.

(And not break the bank in the process.)