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Full Version: NUTS members (October CotM VOTING)
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Please pop into the site and vote for the May Card of the Month! Voting ends next Tuesday night at 11:30 EDT. There were only 7 votes last month between 3 cards. There are only 2 cards this month, but both are older cards. One from the early 90's and one from the early 2000's. I did not make a submission for this one b/c I haven't added a single racing card since April. I did sell around 250 NASCAR cards in May though (most of that was a sealed 2009 PP flagship factory set).

I'm on the verge of shutting down the CotM there after taking over almost 1.5 years ago. There are just not many submissions each month and the votes are nowhere near what they were when I first took over the monthly thread. Even though the site is slowly dying, I'd hate to have to shut down something that's been running since the beginning of the site (and years before I joined).

I know 3 members here are also playing Kathy's fantasy game and 2 other members here are members there. If you've been voting, thank you. If you haven't voted, please take a minute to check out the thread and pick your favorite card.
There is more conversations on here than at NUTS. All of the NUTS traffic is on Facebook.

And I have not been on TCDB lately, but I must say, I am not a fan of most of those guys. A bunch of pretentious losers, if you ask me. They have a database of cards, but if the picture of the card isn't a perfect scan, they cry, and they really only want you to post pictures of cards that you own. LOL Ridiculous. I post any picture I find of cool 1 of 1 patch cards out of 2018 and 2019 Prime and 2016 and 2017 National Treasures...because otherwise, nobody will ever see those cards again...and they can all pound salt if they don't like it.

That said, I will head over and vote...
I know. There is still a little bit of activity on the original site, but nothing like it used to be. I don't have a Facebook account and don't want one, even to check out the NUTS group. I haven't really heard anything good about the people on there anyway.

On the NUTS site, most threads are about the fantasy game and my Card of the Month threads. There are random posts from people looking for something or showing off something they got. Even the person who ran the Member of the Month hasn't posted anything in 8-10 months. I don't think there's been a member of the month since last August. I guess my streak of winning one ends at 6 years. At least I can say I was the last Member of the Year! Big Grin
I went over and voted. Can I ask a question about the card of the month? Why can’t the card be a 1:1?
(06-06-2020, 08:21 PM)wilsonsportscards Wrote: [ -> ]I went over and voted. Can I ask a question about the card of the month? Why can’t the card be a 1:1?
That was just my preference the past 2 months. Thought it might entice more submissions. Once a 1/1 gets submitted, most won't make a submission unless they also have a 1/1. The winner most of the time is a 1/1, so I decided to see what else would get submitted. Rules for submission are up to me, so I change it up occasionally. Normally, ANY card acquired within the month is allowed.

If you want to know the schedule for Card of the Month: Submissions usually start the final Sunday of the month and run for 7-9 days and then voting is for the next 7-8 days. So the voting period will END anywhere b/t the 3rd and the 9th for the previous month.

Oh, and since you haven't been a member there that long, you should know this. I didn't start the Card of the Month on there. That used to be handled by one of the Administrators (as was the Member of the Month). The Admin running that asked me if I would take over b/c he wasn't going to be able to keep up with it reliably. The post I make each month is basically the same format and words that he used before I took over. I've been doing it since February 2019.
THANK YOU to the NUTS members that voted. Not only did the thread get 10 votes for the first time in several months, but I think this is the first time EVER that there was a clean sweep!!!

The 1992 Jeff Gordon AU card beat the 2002 Jimmie Johnson Ebay Preview SN5 card 10-0! That might be the first time that Lea DeFoote has won CotM and I know it's the 1st time since I've been running it. It might also be the first time that garyg21 didn't get a single vote for his submission. Gary won 6 of the 11 CotM's AND the Card of the Year voting in 2019. He's already won a few more CotM's this year. Gary has the best JJ collection I've ever seen and it leaves mine way behind it's dust!!! But I have one card that he has been begging to get from me for the past couple of years. I kinda dangle that one card over his head. Big Grin

Thanks again for voting guys! Maybe you can help me more by adding a submission for June's CotM in about 3 weeks.
I will keep an eye out! Smile
I am in N.U.T.S. on FB but not on the website. What is the website link and how do I go about adding cards for CotM. I have some nice PC cards I have received this month.
The submission thread for July CotM has been up since Sunday night. No submissions all week until I just posted mine a few minutes ago. Please post a card submission guys! If nobody submits a card by Tuesday, I guess I win by default.
I was going to go see and vote on the COTM but i cant find the site?
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