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Full Version: 3 Boxes of 2019-20 SP Authentic. What Patchy Goodness Did We Get?
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Today I opened up three boxes of SP Authentic. It is a product I cannot miss any year of as it always delivers some exciting goodies. 

I highly appreciate the views on my videos and I definitely appreciate the subscribers because it definitely makes it feel like doing these videos is actually worth the effort. 

If you aren't able to watch through the whole thing, at least give a watch of the recap of the better hits at 29:54.
Hmm, boxes were okay. As a Canucks fan the Pettersson/Hughes is sweet. The auto patch is a nice looking card too so hopefully that is for your PC or gets you some decent $ in selling it.

I opened 2 boxes tonight and pulled these two cards plus a David Ayres YG as my best hits.

[Image: 49969500482_58a827330c_b.jpg]

[Image: 49968722443_c19a990615_b.jpg]