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Full Version: Advice on Unopened Cell Pack- montana
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I have a 1981 Topps Football Cello pack that I purchased 25 years ago from a reputable dealer.  The pack has the Joe Montana RC on the top and on the bottom.  

I was thinking about selling the pack, but I want to make sure that it is authentic.  It always seemed to good to be true.   

I'm looking for advice-  Should I send it to PSA for authentication? Is there another service to authenticate? (I believe the Baseball Card Exchange only authenticates full boxes.

Thanks, in advance, for your advice.

I don't know anything about packs, so hopefully someone else does. Good luck!
Yes, grade the pack or take the card out and grade the card. As it presently sits it is not protected against damage.
Wow that's nuts! If you don't have any particular attachment to it aside from an investment standpoint you should check out an outfit like PWCC to see if they'll sell the card for you. I tend to not bid on PWCC auctions because ending prices are typically higher than average, which is to your benefit. You'll lose a cut of the sale to their services but they'll handle logistics and any hassles with a buyer. Plus they've got a track record of success.

If you are a Montana, vintage collector, or want to hang onto it, you should consider sending it in to PSA to grade the pack. It'll be encased at that point and protected.

Otherwise, if you are a "you only live once" kinda person, I say fire up a live stream and rip that B! Maybe there's a 3rd Montana in there!!!
y2hood Wrote:Yes, grade the pack or take the card out and grade the card. As it presently sits it is not protected against damage.
Agreed.  Big Grin
Seeing as everyone has collectively lost their minds and are paying ridiculous money for anything graded look into getting them graded. As to whether it is better to leave them in the pack I'm not really sure. How the hell do they grade an unopened cello pack? What are they looking at?
Whatever option you go, please protect your investment!

People aren't losing their mind paying for High Quality Grades.. They are investing in a booming hobby they love.
WOW! I would love to see this pack and have a chance to bid on it. Whatever course of action you take in it's selling at least get it graded first. It'll give both you and buyer piece of mind that it is indeed legit. Also being graded you'll receive a higher sell price IMO. And if for whatever reason you decide to keep it you'll know it's protected, secure and will be easier to sell down the road. I've been a Montana super collector for 33 years now and have never seen or heard of a lucky pack like this.
Keep us posted please,