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Full Version: Card value
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I have a 2020 Topps turkey red chrome green refractor of Giancarlo Stanton and can't find a record sale or value anywhere.
.....Short printed card was only 10 copies made. The best place to look would be eBay for completed sales or similar value cards that ended to give you and idea
That's tough because none have been listed, sold or completed on eBay. That's usually where comparable values are made. I'd suggest finding another similar #d/10 card of Stanton and seeing what it sold for. Then you'd have a ballpark. Either that or try other players from that same set. That might give an idea. 

Just checking values:
Miggey, $45;
Alonso, $80;
Betts, $40;
Goldy, $25;

So I'd say post it for $69 OBO and see what kind of offers you get. That seems a little high, and I'd bet it goes between $50-$60. Heck, I'd pay $60 for it just to have it.