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I wish there was a comprehensive users manual for ORGANIZE and TRADE.

I've experienced many issues with both, but my problem today should be a simple fix:
I am trying to create a new collection of cards from 2020 Topps Baseball that are worth over $1.00 a card according to
Beckett High.
I will call that collection 20BB TOPPS O1H.

But when I go to add cards, the add button on the far right side is grayed out in many cases.
Why ?
And how to I clear all the grayed out and start fresh ?
Grayed out means the card is already in your organize even if it's in the trash folder. You must empty trash to clear any cards in the trash folder.
Thanks FloydTown
My trash is completely empty.
I have created a new collection called: 20 BB Donruss O2H, which will consist of 2020 Donruss cards that are worth over $2 high according to Beckett. I continue to have "grayed out" cards.
I also have collections for specific players and some of the players in the 20 Donruss set are in those other collections. How to I get the greyed out cleared ?
If a card needs to be in more than 1 folder you need to duplicate it. Over to the far right in organize look for 2 arrows, when you mouse over it it says duplicate item. Duplicate it then you can move it where you want.