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Full Version: It`s been ages for this Iguodala super collector.....
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........and ages since I`ve been on, and it`s forums.
Used to be a regular here for many years, but my focus` in life went in a different direction so I stopped collecting and communicating with other collectors several years ago.

Are the Beckett forums basically dead now????
Activity seems dismal at best.

Maybe I`ll run into some old faces while I plug the fact that I`m selling everything off.
It`ll take months, maybe even years.....who knows.
Right now I`m starting at 50 eBay listings per week, maybe I`ll get more ambitious in the future.

eBay: breezing-by

Thanks for stopping into my post, hopefully I`ll see some Beckett "Vets" along the way.......

edit: previewed my post, and it says I`ve only actively posted 11 times Big Grin , that`s just plain silly!
I know I`ve been away a while didn`t have to delete my street cred though... Undecided
Welcome back
Welcome newbie!
I love this post!  I’ve been lurking for years but haven’t been active for a long long time. It’s time to make these boards great again though. The rest of the hobby has turned into gambling sites. Please don’t come and leave. Stick around for a while this time.
Welcome back. Glad to have some company, it has been lonely for the last couple years in this forum.