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Full Version: 2000-01 Be A Player Ultimate Memorabilia Box Break
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Well it took five years of searching but one of these boxes finally became available for sale. A factory sealed box of 00-01 Be A Player Ultimate Memorabilia. Regardless of what is inside this box, this will be the highlight of my box breaking project.

Would anyone be interested in watching a live break? The box will be arriving sometime in the next 3-4 days.

Checklist: 00-01 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia Checklist

[Image: IJORTlE.jpg]

[Image: QRM2GEz.jpg]

The break will be taking place tomorrow, Tuesday 5/26 at 9PM central!

Please follow this link to find my channel: Cardboard Nostalgia Box Breaks on YouTube

Subscribe if you would like a notification for when I go live. I look forward to seeing you all in the chat.
Man, great find. Sad I missed it. Will anything in the box be for trade after its opened?