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Full Version: BCCG Trade Group - June 2020 - Several teams available for new members.
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BCCG Trade Group - June 2020 - Several teams available for new members

Here is our greeting and member list by Temple Sportscards.
This is a team collecting group called BCCG. This is a group who collects any and all cards of their favorite NFL team, and send cards to other members of their favorite teams.
*** We are NOT affiliated with BCCG graded cards. If you have an issue with Beckett's grading system, please address those issues with the grading team, not on our boards.
**** BCCG was created by Sambo22, for Team collectors. What we do is, we are paired up into groups, then we are paired up to send to another group, or within your group, a package of cards of their respective team. In other words you will send at least one package a month and receive at least one package as well of your favorite team.
*****We send Base, Rookies, Inserts and IF you're lucky a nice auto or g/u card also.(don't join expecting auto's or high end cards though). There is no specific amount of cards that you will need to send for your first group trade package. I usually say just send a package that you would like to receive.
***** All NEWBIES!!!! If you decide that you want to join I will add you to the group (if your team is available). The group trade list will be posted around the 7th of each month on the BCCG website, after I post a new monthly thread and the people that are interested in participating in that months group trades post that they "want in" for that month. If you are added to the group I will need your mailing address to add to the website. All newbies will be required to send first to an established member in the group, thus ensuring that the group trade will be fulfilled.
***** This started off as base cards but with all the great members here, we have been surprised by all the goodies being sent out. These members are great, unselfish, and trade friendly. This is open for Beckett members who love collecting their favorite teams cards. We have been going strong for over 6 years now, and as always looking to fill empty team slots with good Beckett members. Take a look at the bottom of this page to see which teams are still available and please PM Temple Sportscards for further information or questions. Only 1 member per team.

Here are the requirements and Key rules.

1) All new members MUST send FIRST, regardless of trader rating. (you will get your end)
2) All cards Must be sent by the end of the month, or you will be suspended for the following month. (sometimes life happens, so you must inform your group if you will be late sending) Also let Temple Sportscards know of any and all reasons why you will be sending late via PM or posting on the thread.
3) If we do not hear from you for a month your position will be canceled and your team could be given to someone else. 4)We ask that you send a decent package to one another, remember Karma. At least 12 cards per lot. We all get along great here and have a lot of fun and we welcome new members. 5) Also we are asking that ALL members, Rookies and Veterans of BCCG to post in the NEW months thread that you are interested in joining that months group trades. Once you have posted you will be added and group trades will be posted a few days later for everybody. This is the Member List as of November 13, 2017.
***I will be updating the list with only current members. PM's will be sent to those that have responded to the group in any of the past 3 months. If they do not respond to those PM's, then their name will be deleted and that team will open up for a new member to join.

*** Check to see if your favorite Team is available.-
Arizona Cardinals- leadmetogreatness
Atlanta Falcons -
Baltimore Ravens - 
Buffalo Bills- 
Carolina Panthers-
Chicago Bears -
Cincinnati Bengals -
Cleveland Browns -
Dallas Cowboys - fbcking
Denver Broncos -
Detroit Lions - Sparty78
Green Bay Packers - brouwer63
Houston Texans - maizenblue73175
Indianapolis Colts - 
Jacksonville Jaguars -Weslambo
Kansas City Chiefs - 
Las Vegas Raiders -
Los Angeles Chargers -
Los Angeles Rams - 
Miami Dolphins - collectorsnet
Minnesota Vikings - StylinDylan7
New England Patriots - Foleylion08
New Orleans Saints -
New York Giants - 
New York Jets -
Philadelphia Eagles -
Pittsburgh Steelers - Douginc
San Francisco 49ers - 
Seattle Seahawks -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
Tennessee Titans - Temple Sportscards
Washington Redskins -
Inactive members have been removed, also I'm sticking with my plans to have a monthly drawing for participants. The catch is you must provide a scan or detailed description of what cards you receive each month.
Just checking to see if this reply is visible. The Beckett system is acting strange.
In for June.

bekkit must be spending too much time opening cheap 90s boxes instead of pricing cards and maintaining the site.
I'm in again, let's hope there's some participation!
i am in. hope everyone is well.
I am in for this month. Who knows past that. Getting really tired of these current owners. Pop up ad is working fine on the main page. Topps XFL has been out for months and still not priced. Leaf Draft only base cards priced, but not autographs or gold parallels. Same thing, been out long enough for them to price. Done venting.
Put me down for the Jaguars if they are available.
weslambo Wrote:Put me down for the Jaguars if they are available.
Please send me your name and mailing address, so I can add you to the group.
temple sportscards Wrote:Please send me your name and mailing address, so I can add you to the group.
Copy will do. Thanks
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