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Full Version: 2020 RFFG - Race #'s 7 & 8 - STANDINGS
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This week's races are at Charlotte:

#7 (Coke 600) is on Sunday 5/24 at 6pm on FOX. The cutoff time to make or change picks is Sunday 5/24 at 4pm EDT.

#8 is on WEDNESDAY 5/27 at 8pm on FS1. The cutoff time to make or change picks is on Wednesday 5/27 at 5pm EDT.

Here are the current points standings:

1. pbo - 251
2. kd80 - 230
3. dun - 227
4. wsc - 221
5. stel - 195
6. a9a - 188
7. lead - 172
8. csc - 167
9. kev - 156
10. spaz - 151
11. jas - 88
12. c4us - 51


I'm going with Johnson for both races right now.
I think i will give the 18 another race to get in the groove.

Sunday, Charlotte - Martin Truex

Wednesday, Charlotte- Kyle Busch

And, just to get on record, i doubt that Kyle was intentionally taking Chase out there. I know everyone loves the 9, and it was a pretty bad mistake, like, Ricky Stenhouse bad, by Kyle, but he is not wrecking him there like that. It was a mistake, he owned up to it, let it!t happens.
It was just a racing incident between Kyle and Chase. I'll ride with the champ for the Charlotte races. I hope he can get me some stage points at some point.
Now 2 races chase should have won this year

#7-Chase Elliott

#8-Chase Elliott
7 = Kyle Busch
8 = Truex Jr
Race 7 - Joey Logano
Race 8 - Ryan Blaney
Hopefully my predictions are pretty good this time. Good luck to everyone.
Harvick has been good to me so I'll stick with him for both races.
Just a heads-up guys...
The forecast around here has changed the past couple of days. If you are recording the race, add some extra time to the end!!! With temps getting well into the 80's and maybe near 90 around Charlotte, the chance of pop-up showers or storms has jumped up a bunch. It has rained at my house and also at CMS every single day this past week (Sunday the 17th was the last rain-free day here). I've had about 7 inches of rain here in the last 6 days. Today was just a little shower that popped up and moved on, but that's what can be expected Sunday too. Although I plan to watch it live, I always have my DVR recording races. I've already set mine to record 3 hours past the end of the air-time. It takes a long time to dry the track at CMS if they DO get a shower/storm.
Sunday - truex
Wed- Kyle Busch
Sunday - Martin Truex
Wednesday - Martin Truex
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