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Full Version: Player Collection Question
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I hope I'm not wasting anyone's time with a question that I should know the answer to. My search-fu has been terrible today so here we go. Is there a way for Organize to show me at a glance which cards of a player I still need to collect?

For instance, I like Lance Berkman. A look at his stat zone page shows he has 5,345 cards. On the same page is a checklist function which will give you a printable list of all of his cards with boxes to check off manually as you obtain cards.

Is there a way as I add to my Berkman collection for the checklist to be electronically updated? Preferably by removing cards I have from the checklist and updating the total number of cards still needed?

Does any of that make sense? Any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time - Lon


I think the best way you can do this is to put your organize collection of Lance Berkman in Custom Layout.

I'll use my Michael Finley Collection as an example.

Choose your columns (Mine are as follows...Card Discription, Print Run, Image, Have, Want, Trade, Sell, Condition)

Now you can manually delete cards once you get them but that card itself will be removed from the collection. So for example Berkman has 5,345 cards for you to accumulate...each time you aquire a new card, it would subtract from his total. This is not a good way to do this.

So if you set up your columns like I do manually by choosing "custom layout" and then picking your own columns like my example for my Finley collection you will be able to click your "want" tab and the cards that you "want" to add to your Lance Berkman Collection will be in ascending order and at the top of your page.
This is the only realistic way to do it using Beckett database as a checklist for your collection. IMO
Hope this helps you.