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Full Version: 7 boxes of 19-20 UD Series 1
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Hello All,

Could not resist the sale price for the boxes this week. Non RC's are marked for trade.

Thx, Art

[Image: wztief86.jpeg]

1st pack mojo
[Image: n37ix364.jpeg]

[Image: 2xb0216u.jpeg]

[Image: 7p70yr23.jpeg]

[Image: 2tr3l16a.jpeg]

[Image: 65e07n3a.jpeg]

[Image: z6n5vw44.jpeg]

[Image: ma8wgjlf.jpeg]

Photo Variation
[Image: n330za85.jpeg]

A bit less than I would have thought, but still some nice pulls. Congrats, my friend!

Nice patch!!