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Full Version: optic donruss fastbreak basketball 19-20
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got a box of optic fastbreak. really expensive but cheaper than hobby regular donruss optic. Not a great box unless you are a fan of the OKC thunder before Durant and Russ left


Luke Walton Fastbreak signature

Fastbreak exclusive Holos-

Donovan Mitchell 43/95 purple disco

Russell Westbrook 21/50 blue disco

Mifiondu Kabengele silver disco

Admiral Schofield silver disco

Russell Westbrook silver disco

Kevin Durant 4/85 red disco

Rajon Rondo silver disco

Jeff Teague silver disco

Russell Westbrook elite dominators insert silver disco

Regular Rookie silver prizms-

Nico Melli RC silver holo

Hobby is more of a gamble than ever this year. I applaud anyone who still has the guts to rip boxes. I just opened a box of Donruss Choice that was so lame it wasn't worth posting.