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Full Version: Why are Beckett's card values so slow to be updated?
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Hello all,

Just wondering why are certain cards so slow to be updated in the guide? For example, MJs 1998-99 Topps Chrome Preview has been selling upwards of $100 on ebay for about a month and it still lists at $30 in the guide. Several of Lebron's 2nd year cards like base Topps ($50-100 ebay vs. $4) and base Fleer ($25-30 vs. $5). Or take for instance Lebron's 2004-05 Bowman and 2004-05 Bowman Chrome. The regular Bowman was adjusted to $40 while the Chrome remained at $20 in the guide. On ebay the regular Bowman sells for $20-40, while the Chrome $80-115.

I know ebay is not the only place where cards are sold. But it is a place nevertheless and sometime sit appears ebay is either not looked at or they wait a long time to ensure is not a short peak. Either way it makes it seem like the guide is way off base from reality.

What are your thoughts?
I was thinking the same thing, MJ's 94-95 Finest base card wearing #45 good luck finding it on eBay for less than 100 bucks but it only books for $40 and that's after being listed for only $25 for years. I'm mainly a baseball collector and in fairness to Beckett the baseball card prices are constantly being updated. I've only recently gotten back into basketball/football card collecting but it seems like they are much slower to update prices in those sports.

I was thinking the same thing
Definitely not worth the cost of the price guide since they are so far behind the curve or ahead of it, I have seen some cards grossly inflated as compared to the market value on eBay. I am sure the company line is that the collectible market is a volatile environment and it can be difficult to keep up with the constant changes that occur in a seasonal fashion. Um, isn't that we the customer is paying for in the first place? They have made their claim to being the most accurate collectible pricing guide in the industry but with a quick look on eBay, you have a solid fair market value estimate. Oh and graded cards are hit or miss in the system.