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Full Version: UD Overtime Clappers Ray Bourque 2/3
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Hey All,

New to the Beckett Forums, but been collecting since the 90's off and on. I recently got into doing the odd live break and the last one I did I ended up only getting 1 card (not a good one. Bad luck for me). The card shop sent some overtime packs with it and in one of them I got this Ray Bourque, signed card 2 of 3. I think that's pretty awesome, but can't find anyone with other OT Clappers auto's for sale, no idea how much this card "might" be worth. Don't really have a plan on selling it, just wondering what others think it could be worth. Yes, I know a card is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Smile

[Image: zsC91nd.jpg]
Not sure of a value, but a Fantastic Card
Thanks, I have never had a ser. card that low and a great player. x out 10 is the lowest I have pulled before for a card. Now just need to get a better case for it, lol.
Awesome pull /3 !