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Full Version: Value of Error cards
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I have a 2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey card which to me is a one of a kind. I am curious if it has any value in the collecting world.

It is a autographed Jonathan Huberdeau Rookie Premieres Level 1 card. What makes the card "one of a kind" is that the autograph on the card is not Jonathan Huberdeau's but Justin Shultz's.

Has anyone seen something like this before? [attachment=14545]
Yeah, it can happen. Not worth much though. I suppose you could find a player collector who may want one, but I don't think they would pay any premium price on the card.
My buddy owns a LCS and had a 2005-06 SPx Ryan Whitney Au/Mem RC. Yet, the autograph was Sidney Crosby. He sent it out to Beckett for authentication, and it can back clean, and a 9.5. It is quite a rare occurrence, but it happens. He got less for the Ryan Whitney "marring" the Crosby auto. Haha!