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Full Version: NASCAR needs to bring back North Wilkesboro Speedway!
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That iRacing event today is just more proof that NASCAR needs to bring it back to the schedule. Dump a super-speedway duplicate race (like Michigan, Daytona or Talladega) or a duplicate West Coast race to instead run a race at North Wilkesboro again. The series needs a 0.625-mile track with an uphill front-stretch and a downhill back-stretch. That track is a bit different than the 1/2-mile Bristol and M'ville tracks, as well as Dover and the other 1-mile tracks. The actual NASCAR vets in today's field vs. the iRacing vets (aka NASCAR Young Guns) put on a pretty good show. I WAS surprised that there were only 29 drivers in the race (instead of 35+). But at the same time, I understand several drivers not wanting to attempt a track they've never raced on before while also trying to get prepped for the REAL race at Darlington next weekend. I noticed that Byron, Bubba and JJ were not in the field this week. Jeff Gordon and Bobby Labonte were the only drivers today that actually ran a Cup Series race there before it was closed in 1996 or 1997.
I watched a cool video of the track (as it sits now) about a year ago. Search YouTube for Abandoned Race Tracks and you'll find it. The track wouldn't take much to be back to NASCAR specs for a race there though. If the Cup Series ever comes back to North Wilkesboro (or Rockingham - aka North Carolina Speedway), I'll try my hardest to be there for those races! I have been to Rockingham, but it was for Lollapalooza 1996, not a race. Still a great day in my life though!
North Wilkesboro definitely needs to be back on the schedule. I went to several races there in the early 90's. Rockingham ws great as well, but my favorite track that I've been to is North Wilkesboro.