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Full Version: May 17 - Darlington...return to action
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The schedule for May:

Sun, May 17 Darlington Cup 400 miles FOX 3:30 p.m.
Tue, May 19 Darlington Xfinity 200 miles FS1 8 p.m.
Wed, May 20 Darlington Cup 500 km FS1 7:30 p.m.
Sun, May 24 Charlotte Cup 600 miles FOX 6 p.m.
Mon, May 25 Charlotte Xfinity 300 miles FS1 7:30 p.m.
Tue, May 26 Charlotte Trucks 200 miles FS1 8 p.m.
Wed, May 27 Charlotte Cup 500 km FS1 8 p.m.

How about that?
I was just reading about that too. Finally, some racing is returning. They picked Darlington b/c it doesn't require air travel from the team shops or hotel rooms for the drivers and teams. Now I wonder what 2 tracks will lose their race b/c Darlington and Charlotte get an extra one. Also, why didn't they just bump M'ville back a week? Maybe they'll run two races there after the Charlotte ones.
I'm sure the full revised schedule will be out soon. my guess is a couple west coast tracks will lose an early race because the states will not open up, or they will shut out Michigan and Pocono because those states may not open again this get the drift. so they may play it by month and not worry about contracts or tracks necessarily. Run where you can run...
same with Martinsville...virginia has not really announced a reopen plan, especially in time for May 8,9, thus, delayed...probably until June.
NC hasn't re-opened either. Our stay-at-home orders are currently through May 8th and I'm sure it will get extended again. But NASCAR sent Gov. Cooper detailed info about their plans to run the races in Charlotte and he agreed that their plan is about as safe as it can be. I'm guessing NASCAR sent the same info to SC's governor. SC has re-opened beaches, but not much else. I'm thinking they can't do any races at M'ville b/c it is so small. There really isn't a way to social distance in the infield. While D'ton and Charlotte have much extra space so that team garages aren't right beside of each other. They can use the NXS garages to space out further. Then Cup will clear out and NXS can come in the next day. And so on...
NASCAR and Virginia are now saying June 26th is the soonest we can see a race at Martinsville. But not before then, due to their current executive orders state-wide and the 3-phase re-opening plan.

The NASCAR HOF voting that was scheduled for May 20th has been delayed for an undetermined amount of time. NASCAR will release a date for voting at a later time.

As for NC, we will go into Stage 1 re-opening plans at 5pm Friday (May 8th). The only change that really makes happen is that non-essential retail businesses can open again as long as they follow social distancing and health guidelines provided by the state officials. That really just allows stores that ONLY sell goods like clothing and sporting equipment to re-open. Hair salons are under stricter rules if they want to re-open. Restaurants are still not allowed to have inside seating, only take-out/curbside/drive-thru services. Gyms are still not allowed to operate at all.

On a side note to that, I read yesterday that Gold's Gym has filed for bankruptcy due to the shutdown of all their facilities nationwide. I haven't heard anything about the Planet Fitness or Anytime Fitness companies.
Planet Fitness has opened in GA and maybe AZ, but no announcement yet in Ohio. Ohio will have barbers, salons, nail shops, tanning will open Friday, 15 May. Outside dining in restaurants that day, as well, and all dining with certain restrictions on Thursday, 21 May. I assume that tattoo shops and gyms will open the week of the 18th, as well, but still in limbo right now.

Meanwhile, my Browns open at Baltimore...oof. Adam, your Panthers host the Raiders Week 1. Two nice games right there.
The Panthers games I'm looking forward to the most are in weeks 2, 7, 16 & 17. Wk 2 is against Brady and Gronk in Tampa. Wk 7 is in NO as Teddy B. goes back to the Superdome. Wk 16 is in DC against former Panthers coach Rivera (along with several other former coaches and players). Wk 17 is against NO again, but in Charlotte. Weeks 9 and 12 should be interesting also with a trip to KC to face the defending champs and then going to MIN to face Teddy's original team. Certainly will be an interesting season for the Panthers. ODDLY, all 4 preseason games are against AFC teams.
The next batch of races have been announced. Here are the Cup Series races.

Sun, May 31 Bristol Cup 266 miles FS1 3:30 p.m.
Sun, June 7 Atlanta Cup 500 miles FOX 3:00 p.m.
Wed, June 10 Martinsville Cup 263 miles FS1 7:00 p.m.
Sun, June 14 Miami Cup 400 miles FOX 3:30 p.m.
Sun, June 21 Talladega Cup 500 miles FOX 3:00 p.m.
I was curious about the ratings for the race on Sunday, so I looked them up. Some impressive numbers can be found in this one short article:

If you don't want to read the whole thing, here's a quick summary. Sunday's race had 6.323 million viewers in the US. That easily tops everything NASCAR has aired this season EXCEPT the rained-out D500 (10.94M) and the actual race the next day (7.03M).