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Full Version: iRacing at Talladega
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Did you guys watch that? That was really fun. Most of the fun was Jeff and Clint talking smack to each other during the race from 6 feet apart. I still can't believe Clint blew his engine while he was leading the race. Gordon's wreck from the Top-5 was spectacular, even for a video game. Once again, Stenhouse destroys half the field from the Top-5! Johnson was having a really good race until BK's punk-*** ran him off the track. That whole race was really fun to watch.
I must admit, I am way over the iRacing. I have not watched it all the last two weeks. I am not compelled. I had a better time plodding through the ridiculous coverage of the NFL Draft...which, no matter how "great" everyone wants to say the coverage was, was still more boring than normal, with no fan reaction/interaction, no interviews with the new draftees, and just a general droll presentation all together (in my opinion).

I will say that this week's iRace and the Draft did have a parallel - the best part of each was the kids, with Harvick's son in the rig for awhile, and Denny Hamlin's kid shutting off his rig, and the NFL coaches/GMs celebrating with their kids.

Otherwise, for me, snooze....
It's not the racing that I enjoy as much as it is the banter between drivers and the reactions by the broadcast team. Mikey leaning into the turns while watching the race from in-car view was quite funny.
As for the NFL Draft, it is usually boring to me. And this year was no different really. I only watched the 1st eight picks and then I was done. I just wanted to see who the Panthers picked at #7. It was between 2 guys in my mind, since Detroit got the guy I know they really wanted at #3. The top 3 picks were exactly as everyone said they would be. The funny thing to me is that right after the Panthers picked, the Cardinals took the other guy that the Panthers were interested in picking. I rarely watch the draft anyway b/c I have no idea who most of the draftees are anyway. And over half of them will never really make an impact in the NFL.