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I haven't sent in cards to be graded in like 10 years. I recently sent a submission that was received last Wednesday.

With all things considered has anyone recently submitted and received confirmation their order was atleast processed? Mine still haven't been "checked-in" per se.

Just getting a little nervous is all.
As long as it was delivered, you can relax. They're really good about card security, but not so much as good about updating the customer beyond that.
10 day premium received 21 arp until now no update I can understand COVID but at least they can email stating its going to be delayed
It's been generally understood and implied since they had to also deal with a stay at home order. It's unfortunate, but they're doing their best.
My order was delivered on 4/15 and finally checked-in on 4/30. I've been in communication and they are saying 30-45 business for 30 day tier. They didn't specify if that was from date of delivery or date of being checked-in.

Hopefully delivery date.
Eager to get them back...sent in 51 cards.
(05-17-2020, 03:09 PM)sunny.chaudhry@ecolab Wrote: [ -> ]Eager to get them back...sent in 51 cards.
Best of luck on your returns and please post them here, I love seeing new slabs!
Glad to see you finally got a reply. I have been putting together an order myself and was hoping to see that they are still able to get them graded. I understand the delay and am ok with that just as long as it's still being done.
Please be sure to share photos with the rest of the class Big Grin
Was told today 30 day orders are taking 3 months!
Unfortunately, they were already backed up before COVID shut everything down. I'd imagine even shut down, people were probably mailing stuff in, and it just accumulated until someone could collect it.

Now that they're open a lot of people, especially flippers, are predictably sending in their stuff for quick flips and as such slower services are going to take longer. Tack on there's Facebook groups and message board groups that do bulk subs at varying service levels and you'd have to imagine that doesn't help a single collector submitting on his or her own.

I knock on wood and count my lucky stars that this is only a hobby for my purposes. I occasionally will throw things up for sale but I very seldom buy something and submit it for grading with the intent to resell it upon return.
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