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Full Version: Who Is trading at this Time and who is taking a break?
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Hi I just wanted to start a thread to see who is trading at this time and who is taking a break do to the Virus. I am trading because I am going stir crazy being locked up in the house with a 8 month old. I am ok with trades with you guys and if you want to wait til its safer to send I am ok with that too. I don't mind holding up shipping til its better for everyone else.
Thx for the trade Chris, always a pleasure.
I am still trading but have slowed down some. Hope to start sending out some offers again soon. The mail has slowed down a lot but I am starting to get some of the trades that I had made before this started. Will probably cut down trips to the post office to once a week.

Hope everyone is safe and well and we can get this dealt with very soon. Sounds like it will take a while longer though.

I am still trading
I am still trading
I am still trading.
Still trading. My OPG expires 05/05. Looking to get as many done before then.
My month expired so I guess I am on a break. At least for this site.
Always trading
Still trading
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