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Full Version: Panini no longer accepting expired redemptions
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I once pulled a redemption card for an expired Kobe Bryant auto out of a mixer box at Target and had the card in-hand a week later, so I'm very sorry to hear about this new policy ... I always thought this was perhaps Panini's most appealing, customer friendly service.

(And made me wonder why they had expiration dates to begin with)

The most disappointing detail of the new policy is this - "or would revert to rewards points if not in stock"

These rewards points are terrible ... no current product to choose from, and the last time I picked 5 cards with 650 rewards points they charged me $13 for shipping for a bubble mailer with tracking, which used to be $4.

Very, very unimpressed with this on many levels.
Apparently, now Panini is reverting back and will still honor Expired Redemptions if they still have the card In-Stock. Which is the way it should be and is totally fair.