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I am looking for some opinions on which Joey wants to have as PC. The choice is between Makar and Marner. They are only a couple of years apart so picking one over longevity doesn't factor in. Any suggestions ??? remember, i am dealing with a 9 year old and this is not something that I say "you will do what you are told." I hope everyone is healthy and well. Let's keep it that way !!

Joe (& Joey)
32 people looked at the post and can't write Makar or Marner ?
As someone who played defense and grew up in Alberta Makar would be my choice.
I like Marner ..... just short of a point per game so far. If he stays healthy he has a shot at a 1200 point career easily
Offense players garner more attention than defense men
Makar, he will probably be a bit cheaper and easier to collect in the long run. And like Bluefrozencanuck, I grew up as a defenseman in Alberta Tongue.
Makar will be easier to collect, thanks to UD flooding the market this year with products.
Thank you to all that responded. I liked Makar from last years playoffs. We like dynamic players, the problem there is that they both are. I try to limit PC players. Joey does not agree with me, but he's 9 ! haha With my PC players I am not looking for a return of a profit. We PC Ovi, Gaudreau and now either Makar / Marner. I have about 40 Marner cards so I want to commit or let go. Thank you all for your opinions. We appreciate it!! -Joe (& Joey)
If you decide Makar I have this available 2019-20 SP Game Used Gold #184 Cale Makar JSY /599
Thank you for the offer. Joey went behind me and picked one up. I'm still up I'm the air. -Joe (& Joey)
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