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Full Version: Prizm Draft Blaster instead of bacon
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Went out to Walmart because I was down to a half pack of bacon.(terrifying I know) Bastards took all the bacon, nothing left just that fake ***** pre-cooked stuff which I desperately grabbed a box. But I did they they had three Prizm DP blasters so I grabbed one.

Got Crusaders of Mahomes, Brady and Daniel Jones


Daruis Slayton
Tyler Johnson
Trevon Diggs

Blue Prizms:
Lamar Jackson
Chase Young

Orange Prizm:
Justin Jefferson

Blue Green Prizm Autograph Shaquille Quarterman Miami /199

Got some good trade bait in there so I'm happy
One should never have to choose between cards or bacon.

Nice pull on the Chase Young blue!

I pulled the Okudah blue ... if the Lions draft him, the card already has the right PC color, LOL