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Full Version: 19-20 Optic Blaster
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Not a bad optic blaster. Started out slow and then got some decent hits

Pack 1
Batum, Giannis, Westbrook fastlane, Bruno Fernando rated rookie common

Pack 2
Dennis Smith, Jimmy Butler, Embiid t minus 321, Kendrick Nunn rated rookie common

Pack 3
Thomas Bryant, Embiid, Draymond, Joe Dumars winner stays

At this point i was like where are the prizms? They started with the next batch of packs

Pack 4
Steve Nash express lane purple prizm, Lowry, Lopez, Miles Bridges

Pack 5
Mike Conley, Lillard, Romeo Langford rated rookie common, Dylan Windler RC holo

Pack 6
DeAndre Ayton, Brandon Ingram, Josh Richardson and... JA MORANT PURPLE PRIZM

Pack 7
Dyland Windler rated rookie common, Kuzma, DeAaron Fox 73/149 lime prizm fast lane, and Nicholas Claxton signature series sticker auto non-numbered prizm

Although I did not hit a Zion holo or common for that matter. This was a nice blaster. Got 5 hits. The purple Morant was the best card followed by the auto of Claxton, and lime green of Fox serial numbered.
Nice stuff!

Josh Richardson must be the lucky base card ... he was the card right before my Zion common.

To this day I have only found one blaster of this product.