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Full Version: difference in price between internet page and app
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Sorry for this question, its just im new to becket services... Can please someone tell me why the pricing in the web page is so distant from the card pricing in the becket app? For example a Barry Bonds 1986 Topps, Graded, 10... in the app says top price 15 use and in the web page says top price 300? so despair...what should I consider it to be?
I don't have pricing so may not be the best to answer your question, but I am thinking the app is giving you the regular pricing and not pricing for a graded 10.
For me the app and website prices are matching up. You may be mixing up the Topps Traded with the Tiffany Topps Traded. The prices you mentioned are indeed correct per both guides. The prices are for non graded, you need to click the graded pricing tab for those prices.
Be advised the non graded tab does price for a Mint card and on the Graded tab, the highest grade priced is a 9.5. I've noticed different people and venues (ebay etc) price a 10 whatever they want.