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Full Version: 1991 Topps Desert Storm #157 Schwarzkopf Variant
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Within the past year or so I bought boxes of 1991 Desert Storm cards of each series I, II, and III. When I was in grade school these things were all the rage and I wanted to put a full set together since they're pretty cheap even 30 years later.

Anyway today on Ebay I came across a listing for a variant of card #157 from Series II which is General Schwarzkopf with a big smile. --

They wanted a ton of money for it so I figured I would check my cards for this variant and I do in fact have a couple of them. I was still shocked at what this listing was asking so I did some more research and I can find no info on this variant at all. Just a couple of pics from expired auctions on Ebay and other sites. It wasn't listed here under variants:

Anyway, here is a pic of one of mine:

And a pic of what the regular version looks like:

And this is from the aforementioned Ebay posting:

Do I have a miracle find? Anybody have any info on this variant and actual value?