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Full Version: Select 19-20 - Double Zion!
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I went a bit crazy and broke the bank for some Select. It seems like a good product to hold on to for a bit, but I also wanted to open a box since I haven't opened any hobby stuff all season. So I uh... selected the box from the group I purchased and BOOM!

[Image: 20200309-145140-2.jpg]

Sure, it's not an auto or Prizm, but hey, 2 Zions that are already going for about $100 a piece on the market.

The rest of the box was not bad too: A Lebron Premier Tri-color prizm, Grant Williams RC Courtside Tie-Dye /25, Tyler Herro Concourse and Premier RC + Concourse Tri-color, Damian Lillard Tri-color and a Bol Bol concourse blue prizm.

The other hits weren't anything special (Nerlans jersey, Keldon Johnson RPA), but I'm still pretty happy about this box.
Nice job, welcome to the club sir!