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Full Version: Uploading Card Pictures
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I think if Beckett can allow it's members to upload actual card pics onto the OPG, it will be VERY HELPFUL. I collect basketball and there have been countless times where I struggled to distinguish between one Panini Prizm vs another Panini Prizm Angry.

I think this will save a lot of time for Beckett and not have to worry about uploading card pics. Now if there is indeed a way to do so, then please let me know!

I've recently scanned in lots of images to upload and then found you can only place the 'front' within you own org.

It's understandable that Beckett would want full control over items in the database. a suggestion would be to submit images through the 'submit data correction' where no image exists. a Beckett team member could then cast an eye over the image(s). Could this be what we are supposed to do anyway? some guidance on this subject and some sort of response would be great!