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Full Version: 1993 MTG Beta Black Lotus - REAL OR FAKE
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Thanks for any and all help in trying to determine the authenticity of this card. Chuck
How about a little bit of information? Like, where did you find it?

It certainly looks right, but the only way to really tell is to look at the printing with a jeweler's loupe and see if the printing dots are correct and that the bleed is right and other things that you certainly cannot tell from a picture. A scan would be much better, but even then, you need to have knowledge of what to look for and a comparison.

But with a little bit of info on how you acquired it might help in figuring out if you should send it in for grading...that would give you a definitive answer. I did a quick search (which I encourage you to do) and it looks like they were only in the Alpha, Beta, and Unlimited releases.

An Alpha version sold last year for some crazy number...

Good luck. Post an update when you get some better information.