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Full Version: TONS NEED TO GO!!
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Hey all! I'm on the cusp of calling it quits to the card collecting world. Stuff just gets more and more expensive and harder and harder to sell stuff on other platforms. I have tons of stuff I want to get rid of on here before I decide what I am going to do. I am open to any and all trade offers but will be very selective on what I am taking in return. I mainly will be looking for YG needs and maybe some Habs or higher end cards I can move rather easily. ($25+) Either way I will look at all trades and if it works if not then it is what it is. Send em over guys if you see something you need.
Open offer sent, Not sure if I have anything you need.
made a few trades still tons that need to go soon. Everything is available for the next week or so but I am thinning down the traders into another list and whatever gets to ax is going to a local guy in the coming weeks. Take advantage now. I know I am being selective on what I am taking in return but I have made 3 trades this week so I'm not being that difficult on selecting items in return. I rather you guys get what you want then blow the stuff out dirt cheap in a lot here in town. That being said send trades over and i'll try and make them all work one way or another.
Few more decent trades in the books helping dwindle down this massive trade box. Missing about 12 or so YG from this year still if someone has some to trade. Looking to move as much more as possible asap so if you see something you may want send a trade over it doesn't hurt to see if we can make something happen. Thanks again to all who have traded!!