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Here are nine cards that I have from 1952. No, I do not have the elusive Mantle and don't expect that I ever will. However I have included all of the 1952 Topps cards I own. All three of them.

1952 Bowman #4 Robin Roberts
1952 Bowman #8 Pee Wee Reese
1952 Bowman #80 Gil Hodges

1952 Bowman #162 Monte Irvin
1952 Bowman #218 Willie Mays
1952 Bowman #232 Enos Slaughter

1952 Topps #5 Larry Jansen
1952 Topps #129 Johnny Mize
1952 Topps #227 Joe Garagiola

Love the stamps, at one time I had full sheets of all the baseball stamps including the 1939 centennial. Kind of lost interest in them after they became todays self adhesive small sheets, but still picked up some of the newer ones, ballparks, legends, and sluggers. Your 52's look fantastics! Keep them coming.

Those 1952 Bowman have such beautiful and vivid illustrations.
For this post I went back to the randomizer and the next player that I collect whose name came up is Jim Palmer. As of this post I only have 315 Beckett recognized unique cards of Jim and here are nine of them including some vintage, some game-used and a couple autos.

1967 Topps #475 Jim Palmer
1971 Kellogg's #60A Jim Palmer 564 SO
(I actually pulled this from my cereal box.)
1971 Topps #570 Jim Palmer (This one was pack pulled back in the day.)

1994 Nabisco All-Star Autographs #2 Jim Palmer (I ate enough Ritz crackers that year to send away for the complete set of these. I'm still eating the crackers.)
2002 Fleer Box Score Hall of Fame Material #1 Jim Palmer Jsy
2003 Topps Tribute Perennial All-Star Relics #JP Jim Palmer Uni N

2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Memorabilia Emerald #36 Jim Palmer Jsy
2007 Ultimate Collection America's Pastime Signatures #PA Jim Palmer
2010 Topps National Chicle Relics National Chicle Back #JPA Jim Palmer
Love the Palmers. He was one of my first HOF goals. I do not have the GU/AUTOs that you have - those are awesome!
I love oddball cards. Mostly because they are not seen as much as the company produced sets and many of them were only originally available regionally. Today I am stepping into the oddball foray, specifically food issues and even more specifically, cards found in meat products.

1976 A's Rodeo Meat Commemorative #22 Bobby Shantz (Actually a commemorative set of the 1955 cards produced by the Rodeo Meat Company.)
1988 King B Discs #24 Cal Ripken (These discs were included in packages of King-B Beef Jerky.)
1989 Reds Kahn's #11 Barry Larkin (These were found in packages of Kahn's Wieners and Franks.)

1993 Jimmy Dean Rookies #8 Mike Piazza (For about three straight years I was eating a lot of the Jimmy Dean sausage breakfast sandwiches. It was not uncommon for me to combine my grocery list with my card collecting.)
1994 Church's Show Stoppers #2 Barry Bonds (These were released by the fast food chain Church's Chicken specializing in fried chicken of course. This Bonds card is actually an insert.)
1994 Oscar Mayer Round-Ups #6 Ken Griffey Jr. (As a kid, there were many times I had the earworm "Oscar Mayer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a" gnawing at my brain. So glad I don't have that going through my head today. )

1995 Mr. Turkey Baseball Greats #2 Al Kaline (This card came from a processed meat package in the upper Mid-west.)
2001 Armour #4 Roger Clemens (Contained in Armour hot dogs, this set, for some reason, is not recognized by Beckett. The back of the card asks the multiple choice question, "Roger Clemens likes his Armour hot dogs prepared with a) Ketchup and Mustard, b) Pickles and Onions, c) Mustard Only, or d) Mustard and Relish.")
2006 Mariners Cloverdale Meats #22 Ichiro Suzuki (Produced by Cloverdale Foods known for "crafting premium meats".)
I love the crispness of the red on that Larkin card, it really pops.
52 Bowman is one of my favorites! Such beautiful and realistic artwork. I picked up a George Kell recently and it is now one of my favorite PC cards!
So, how does Roger Clemens like his Armour hot dogs prepared?
The next name pulled from the randomizer is Rogers Hornsby. "The Rajah" was elected to the Hall in 1942 and is the last National Leaguer to hit over .400. What you may not know is that he is the only player ever to hit 40 home runs and bat .400 in the same MLB season (1922). As of this posting I have 138 unique Beckett recognized cards of Hornsby. Here's nine from my collection. Unfortunately none from his playing days.

1961 Fleer #43 Rogers Hornsby
1961 Golden Press #7 Rogers Hornsby
1961 Topps #404 Rogers Hornsby .424

1968 Sports Memorabilia All-Time Greats #13 Rogers Hornsby
2001 Topps Chrome Before There Was Topps #BT6 Rogers Hornsby
2003 SP Legendary Cuts Etched in Time 300 #RH Rogers Hornsby

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini Baseball Icons #BI16 Rogers Hornsby
2010 Topps #90B Rogers Hornsby SP
2012 Panini Cooperstown #166 Rogers Hornsby SP
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