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Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy seeing another collection. I've heard you mention before that you had several players in your 1,000 card club and I always wondered what all that looked like and how you go about organizing it all. Looking forward to future posts. Happy 50th Anniversary!
Thanks for the comments. Today I'm posting nine of my cards from 1951.

1951 Bowman #120 Joe Coleman
1951 Bowman #183 Hank Bauer
1951 Bowman #186 Richie Ashburn

1951 Bowman #223 Johnny VanderMeer (In 1938 became the only player in major league history to throw two straight no-hitters.)
1951 Topps Red Backs #1 Yogi Berra
1951 Topps Red Backs #15 Ralph Kiner

1951 Topps Red Backs #24 Hank Bauer
1951 Topps Red Backs #39 Ted Kluszewski
1951 Topps Red Backs #50 Monte Irvin RC
Nice!!! That Irvin is sweet. One of my favs. Thanks for sharing.
It's funny, whenever I see guys like Hank Bauer, I see a guy that looks like he's in his early to mid 50's. I can't imagine that he was probably 30-ish in 1951. It must have been a tough life for some of these guys.

Great appreciation for the collection tour, Mark. Lots of fun seeing these old cards.
I'm changing lanes today. I put all of the names of all the players that I collect into a randomizer and I don't know if it's coincidence, irony or just fate but the first one out of the block is none other than Rickey Henderson, the fastest HOFer of all time. I don't think Rickey's stolen base record will ever be broken. The first step in stealing a base is getting on base and Rickey excelled at that. Other speedsters like Vince Coleman or Billy Hamilton might've given Rickey a run for his money if they only could've gotten on base as often. Even Rickey would tell you that "Rickey is the greatest!" As of this posting I have 1047 Beckett recognized unique cards of the "Man of Steal". Here's just 9 of my favorites.

2001 Studio Diamond Collection #DC17 Rickey Henderson
2001 Studio Leather and Lumber #LL14 Rickey Henderson
2003 Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Collection #DC82 Rickey Henderson Bat/500

2003 Donruss Classics Dress Code #8 R.Henderson R.Sox Jsy/250
2012 Sportkings #213 Rickey Henderson
2014 Topps Chrome All Time Rookies #482 Rickey Henderson

2014 Topps Gold Label #GL2 Rickey Henderson
2015 Topps Tier One Relics #TSRRHN Rickey Henderson/399
2017 Topps Gallery #183 Rickey Henderson SP
I thought the trend last year was to not store binders standing up, but to lay them flat?

Love that Rickey Sport Kings Gum card, and his RC (for me) is always one of the most iconic cards of the modern era.
Interesting that I have seen pros and cons from both standing up binders and laying them flat. Some have said that the corner curls after a while, but I would think that happens only if the pages contact a surface.

Others say that laying them flat makes the card stick to the sleeve, which I have never seen.

Hmm, I guess I will keep standing them up and see what happens. Otherwise, I would have to buy binder boxes in order to stack them for space issues. Currently I don't keep anything above $5 in the binders but I have mulled over removing the $5 cards, too.
Before I began collecting baseball cards in 1970, I collected postage stamps. My Mom had a missionary friend in Africa and occasionally would receive mail from her and I was fascinated by the stamps. Then in July of 1969 my father called all of us children into the room to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. He told us it was historic and we should see it so we watched on our little black and white tv with the coat hanger antenna and the little aluminum foil flags wrapped around the top. Soon after he sent away for a "First Day Issue" stamp commemorating the event that supposedly was stamped with ink that went to the moon. I still have it.

I've long since given up on the stamp collection although I still have my album of stamps from all over the world mostly from the 1960s and 1970s with many older U.S. stamps. Now I only collect baseball stamps and here are some from my collection.

1969 Ajman Hall of Fame Stamps #2 Babe Ruth (This is from the Champions of Sport collection issued by the Emirate of Ajman which is one of the United Arab Emirates located in the Persian Gulf. Others included in the set were DiMaggio, Cobb, Musial, Wagner & Sisler. Ruth is the only one I have. In 1972 Manama, the capital city of Bahrain, reissued the stamps only in different colors.)
1969 USPS Stamps #NNO Professional Baseball
1982 USPS Stamps #NNO Jackie Robinson
(This stamp was released to celebrate Black Heritage. On my wall I have a limited edition lithograph of Jackie Robinson framed and signed by Christopher Paluso, the artist who did the artwork for this stamp. The stamp is also incorporated into the frame.)
1983 USPS Stamps #NNO Babe Ruth
1984 USPS Stamps #NNO Roberto Clemente

1984 USPS Stamps #NNO Jim Thorpe (Thorpe was one of the greatest athletes of all time, an Olympic Gold medalist and a member of the inaugural class inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here he is pictured in his football attire but he played 289 games in the Major Leagues and then continued his career in the Minor Leagues.)
1989 USPS Stamps #NNO Lou Gehrig
1988 Grenada Baseball Stamps #7 Stan Musial
(Issued by the island country of Grenada in the Caribbean, this set contained 36 stamps. I have 28 of them. This one featuring Stan the Man.)
1995 St. Vincent & the Grenadines Stamps #NNO Nolan Ryan (Issued by St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a southern Caribbean nation comprising a main island, St. Vincent, and a chain of smaller islands in commemoration of Nolan Ryan's retirement. This is one stamp from a sheet of nine stamps that I have. There are one or two additional 9-stamp sheets that I do not have.)
1998 USPS Celebrate the Century Stamps #NNO Jackie Robinson (I'm not sure how many baseball stamps were part of this set which commemorated people and events throughout the century. I have one of Babe Ruth and I know there is a Roger Maris which I do not have.)
2000 USPS Legends of Baseball Stamps #2 Ty Cobb (20 Legends of Baseball appear in this set. I have the complete uncut sheet, plus each player's individual postcard as well as each player's individual stamp.)

2006 USPS Legends of Baseball Stamps #NNO Mickey Mantle (Four players appeared in this set, Campanella, Greenberg, Mantle and Ott. I have them all and chose to feature The Mick.)
2009 USPS Take Me Out to the Ballgame Stamp (This issue commemorates the 100th anniversary of Take Me Out to the Ball Game, one of the most popular baseball songs of all time.)
2010 USPS Negro Leagues Baseball Stamps #NNO Rube Foster (I absolutely love the artwork on these two stamps celebrating the Negro Leagues and their founder, Hall of Famer Rube Foster.)
2012 USPS Major League Baseball All-Stars Stamps #NNO Ted Williams (Issued in a set of four along with DiMaggio, Doby and Stargell, though I have all four, I chose to depict the Splendid Splinter.)
2017 USPS Postage Stamps #NNO Baseball (The USPS had a ball with this set featuring eight balls, baseball, basketball, football, golf ball, kickball, soccer ball, tennis ball and volleyball. Each one is For-ever.)

If anyone has baseball stamps that I don't have, I would be willing to trade for them or even purchase them.
Absolutely stunning, thank you for sharing!
Mark, back in the 70's I was into stamp collecting because my dad was receiving mail from all over the world for his contributions to missionaries via the church he pastored. I remember how excited I was getting the First Day Issue stamps and the stories that go with them.

I never saw these baseball stamps before...
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