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Next up is Robin Yount. Robin played his entire career with the Milwaukee Brewers winning two MVP awards at two different positions. He was disgruntled with his salary and almost walked away from the game after the 1978 season to take up professional golf until his salary demands were met. I currently have 563 different Beckett recognized cards of Robin. Here are nine of them from my collection including a couple vintage, one being a food issue and a slew of relics.

1976 Topps #316 Robin Yount
1977 Hostess #34 Robin Yount SP
(This card was cut from the back of a box of a Hostess product.)
2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers Game Bat #BRY Robin Yount DP (I traded for this card and when it arrived it was clear that it had spent too much time in the sun. This is why I don't display my cards out in the open.)

2002 Sweet Spot Classics Game Jersey #JRY Robin Yount DP
2003 Donruss Classics Legendary Lumberjacks #7 Robin Yount/300
2003 Topps Gallery HOF ARTifact Relics #RY Robin Yount Bat F

2003 SP Legendary Cuts Historic Swatches Blue #RY1 R.Yount Swing Jsy (Serial numbered 49/50.)
2005 Leaf Century Material Bat #119 Robin Yount/250
2005 Sweet Spot Classic Materials #CMRY Robin Yount Jsy
Moving on through my collection, for today's post I'm featuring nine of my cards from 1966.

1966 Topps #1 Willie Mays
1966 Topps #30 Pete Rose DP UER
1966 Topps #50 Mickey Mantle DP

1966 Topps #100 Sandy Koufax
1966 Topps #126 Jim Palmer UER RC
1966 Topps #254 Rookie Stars/Fergie Jenkins RC/Bill Sorrell RC
(It still seems odd to me to see Fergie in a Phillies uni.)

1966 Topps #300 Bob Clemente
1966 Topps #365 Roger Maris UER
1966 Topps #500 Hank Aaron

Derek Jeter is going to have to wait at least another year for his Cooperstown induction ceremony. As a Red Sox fan, I have to say I HATED it every time I saw Jeter pump his fist in triumph during a Sox-Yanks game but over time, I came to respect him as a classy ballplayer. I never saw him fight or argue although I did see him take a pitch off of the end of his bat handle and play it off like a hit by pitch to get a free base. At least he wasn't swatting balls out of his opponent's gloves or yelling, "Mine", as he rounded the bases causing the infielders to step back from catching a pop-up. No, he was diving head first into the stands after running full-tilt after a fly ball or crossing the diamond to make a miraculous relay throw to the plate. That indicated to me that this was a player who wanted to win at all costs and I admired him for that trait. A 14-time All-star with five rings to go with his five Gold Gloves and a lifetime .310 batting average to go with well over 3000 hits, Jeter undoubtedly deserves his place in Cooperstown. One of only five players in my 2000 card club, I currently have 2041 different Beckett recognized cards of "The Captain". Here are nine from my collection including some inserts, a parallel, a short print and some game-used.

1993-94 Excel League Leaders #10 Derek Jeter (Prior to the pinstripes.)
1998 Score Showcase Series Artist's Proofs #PP7 Derek Jeter
1998 Topps Mystery Finest Bordered Refractors #M8 Derek Jeter

2002 Leaf Burn and Turn #3 D.Jeter/A.Soriano (Also featuring his double play partner from the early 2000s, the underrated if not unappreciated Alfonso Soriano.)
2006 Upper Deck UD Game Materials #DJ2 Derek Jeter Jsy S2 (I bought this one from a "10 for a dollar" box at a card show back in 2014. Funny thing is I didn't realize I had it until I had left the show. This particular dealer had all of his cards divided by player and I grabbed all of his Jeter cards (about 75 of them) because I can always trade Jeter. I didn't go through them before I bought them and didn't realize I had that one until I sorted them later. It's not very noticeable but it appears to have a printing mark on it from a roller which is probably why it was in that box. Still, a Jeter GU for a dime?)
2007 Topps Heritage #483 Derek Jeter AS SP

2007 Ultra Faces of the Game Materials #DJ Derek Jeter
2008 Upper Deck Timeline Memorabilia #DJ Derek Jeter
2014 Donruss Game Gear #1 Derek Jeter
A Jeter GU for a DIME!?!? That is very cool!
Coca-Cola has been around for 134 years. Diet Coke is my wife's soft drink of choice. I'm a Mountain Dew guy myself if I drink a soda at all. I've never been much of a cola drinker unless there was a splash of rum in it and even then, it's been decades. For today's post I am featuring nine Coke cards from my collection.

1981 Braves Police #44 Hank Aaron CO (This card is from the first Atlanta Police set sponsored by the Atlanta Police Department in conjunction with Coca-Cola and Hostess. The Coca-Cola and Hostess logos appear on the back and the Police logo is on the front. Hammerin' Hank was a coach during this season.)
1981 Coke Team Sets #74 George Brett (Topps produced these cards for the Coca-Cola Company who in turn issued them in several cities. The Coca-Cola logo appears on both sides of the card.)
1982 Reds Coke #1 Johnny Bench (Another year, another Topps produced set for Coca-Cola with their logo on both sides of the card.)

1987 Tigers Coke #4 Alan Trammell (These cards produced by Mike Schechter Associates (MSA) were issued by Coca-Cola in collaboration with S. Abraham and Sons, a grocery distribution center based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Cards were issued in panels of four featuring three players and a Tigers team logo card.)
1988 Conlon Hardee's/Coke #3 Lou Gehrig (This six card set was distributed at Hardee's Restaurants in central Indiana and feature the photography of Charles Conlon. On the reverse are logos for Hardee's and Coca-Cola Classic.)
1988 White Sox Coke #8 Carlton Fisk (This set was sponsored by Coca-Cola specifically for fan club members although some of the cards were given away during a game at Comiskey Park that year.)

1992 Donruss Coke Ryan #5 Nolan Ryan/1971 NYM (This set was produced by Donruss to commemorate each year of Nolan Ryan's career. Cards were distributed in 12-can packs of Coca-Cola products in four-card cello packs with one Ryan card and three regular issue 1992 Donruss cards. There was also an offer to send away for the complete boxed set in exchange for UPC symbols from Coke products.)
1993 Coke Case Inserts #TC2 Ty Cobb (This promotional card was issued free in an issue of Tuff Stuff Magazine and is a replica of a 1947 Coca-Cola sign. Original cards were marketed by Collect-A-Card and inserted in cases of Coca-Cola.)
1994 Coke Case Inserts #CM2 Christy Mathewson (Another Tuff Stuff Magazine reprint, this one of Christy Mathewson from a reprinted ad from 1916.)
I know I'm a little behind but those are some great Younts, Mark!
I've been collecting Frank Thomas' cards since day one of his career. He exploded out of the gate and was a five-time All-star, a batting champion and a two-time MVP and was the player to collect in the early 90's along with Griffey, Bonds and Clemens. I currently have 1977 different Beckett recognized cards of "The Big Hurt" inching ever closer to my 2000 card club. Here are nine from my collection featuring some parallels and some game pieces.

1996 Leaf Gold Press Proofs #150 Frank Thomas (I was going through my dupes one day and noticed this card seemed a little shinier than the others.)
1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars Ticket Masters Die Cuts #2 F.Thomas/A.Belle (This card features Albert Belle on the other side.)
1998 Revolution Shadow Series #37 Frank Thomas (This card is difficult to differentiate from the regular base card but there is a "Shadow Series" notification subtly imprinted across his legs.)

2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Piece of Action Milestone #FT Frank Thomas
2002 Topps 206 Relics #FT1 Frank Thomas Jsy A1
2003 Topps Record Breakers Relics #FT Frank Thomas Bat 2

2003 Upper Deck Vintage Dropping the Hammer #FT Frank Thomas
2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Combo Red #62 Frank Thomas Bat-Jsy
2015 Topps Tribute Relics #TRFT Frank Thomas

I have been a scanning fool but it's been fun going through 50 years of  collecting and picking cards from my collection to show off, and for me, it's been a trip down memory lane. Here are nine of my cards all from 1967.

1967 Kabaya Leaf #11 Sadaharu Oh (Back in the mid-80s there was a building in Brewer, Maine that was made of metal and shaped like a large culvert. The business that operated out of it was J.R. Redemption Center and in addition to paying cash for cans and bottles, they sold previously owned items. I went in once just to see if they had any cards and they had three or four monster boxes on the floor down under a shelving unit. I sat down on the floor and started shuffling through them. Most of them were cards I already had but then I found about a thousand of these Japanese cards. I didn't know much about Japanese baseball but I knew who Sadarahu Oh was. He was the "Babe Ruth of Japan" and had hit more home runs than Hank Aaron. I also knew his uniform number was number 1 and that he played for the Tokoyo Giants so I went through all of the cards looking for a Giants player wearing number 1. I found this one and it's the only card I bought. I think I paid ten cents for it. In hindsight, I wish I'd bought all of the Japanese cards but the place closed soon after that. They have since reopened but just do bottle redemption now. I have had inquiries from people in Japan who have seen this card pictured on my website and had some decent offers for it upwards of $2,500. I've kept it though and here it is.)
1967 Topps #150 Mickey Mantle
1967 Topps #200 Willie Mays UER

1967 Topps #250 Hank Aaron UER
1967 Topps #400 Bob Clemente DP
1967 Topps #430 Pete Rose

1967 Topps #569 Rookie Stars/Rod Carew RC/Hank Allen RC DP (In addition to being the rookie card of Hall of Famer Rod Carew, this card depicts Dick Allen's older brother.)
1967 Topps #600 Brooks Robinson
1967 Topps Who Am I #12 Babe Ruth
(This set featured many famous people including four baseball players, Ruth, Mantle, Mays and Koufax. The front needed to be scratched off in order to reveal the person's name.)
That Oh is a pretty sweet card, Mark! But I am partial to the Hank Allen RC as Hank is a former Brewer and is one of the 4 remaining Brewer RCs I don't have yet, along with Hank Aaron, Ken McMullen(shares his 1963 Topps RC with Pete Rose) and Yhonathon Barrios(only available cards are Minor League issues).
Thanks Aaron. Those rookie cards you're looking for are tough to come by.

When I bought the Oh card, although I suspected, I wasn't positive it was him. In the early 90s I made an acquaintance online in Japan while swapping some CDs back and forth (I sent him Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Tales of the Unexpected and he sent me Manfred Mann's Earth Band's Watch) and I sent him a scan of the card and he confirmed for me that it is Sadaharu Oh.