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I have been considering starting my own thread and posting cards from my collection for a few years and since 2020 is the 50th anniversary of my collecting, this seems like as good a time as any. I started collecting baseball cards in 1970 and my first card was a Kellogg's 3D Willie McCovey that innocently fell into my cereal bowl and changed my life. I've never stopped collecting and never taken a break and over the past 50 years I have amassed a collection in the neighborhood of 350,000 cards. Each binder is a different player and each box is a different year. The fireproof safe houses my most valuable cards. The photo on the right shows boxes of mostly duplicates that I have for trade.

I will be posting randomly in groups of nine cards because that just seems like a good "baseball number". 9 batters per game, 9 fielders per game, 9 innings per game, 9 pockets in a normal 9-pocket card sheet. Smile

I will start with my nine oldest cards and work my way up through the years scattering in some of my favorite cards of the many players I collect and other oddities.

Here we go!

1911 T205 Gold Border #89 Buck Herzog (Got this from my best friend back around 1987. He knew that I collected and mentioned it to a coworker of his who also collected and his coworker gave it to him to give to me. It's my oldest card.)
1921-24 Exhibits #172 Arnold Statz
1939-46 Exhibits Salutation #31A Charles Keller LL/Best Wishes
(I have a couple dozen of these and almost all of them are Hall of Famers but these are my two oldest Exhibits.)

1940 Play Ball #26 Wally Moses
1940 Play Ball #88 Mel Ott
(my oldest HOF card)
1940 Play Ball #114 Lon Warneke (I picked these up at a local card shop back around 1980-82 when they sold vintage Mantle cards for under $20 and the Ryan rookie booked at $12 in NrMt.)

1949 Bowman #39 Billy Goodman RC
1950 Bowman #43 Bobby Doerr
1950 Bowman #202 Cliff Chambers RC
(Looks like they depicted him at a Christmas tree farm.)
Great keep them coming..I love to see other people's collections..

Thanks for taking the time
This thread is going to be EPIC!! I can't wait!
I have been waiting for you to do this forever, I'll be anxiously waiting on these photos! And waiting on a time machine to take me back to dropping $20 on some Vintage Mantles.

Love that Mel Ott card!
I agree with Toploader! That Mel Ott is awesome!!
i have wondered about your collection many times. Thanks for sharing it.

I wish I was that organized with my collection.
(01-17-2020, 11:46 AM)garrisc Wrote: [ -> ]i have wondered about your collection many times. Thanks for sharing it.

I wish I was that organized with my collection.
Me too!
I know two people that would just love to have a personal tour...nice of you to share.
Nice start! Will be watching for further updates!