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Full Version: pics to replace stock photos in the org
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I am looking for ideas on how to take pictures to substitute the stock photos that the org has.I have tried using a scanner. That works great for 55pt and lower. Once you get into the 180pt that becomes an issue. I have only tried using my note to take pictures but that doesn't work well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Happy New Year to all !! -Joe (& Joey)
I am guessing that the ebay word got the thumbs down. I apologize for the post
I use a scanner for all of my cards when posting photos. Just crop them to the size of the top-loader and you will be golden! As for the thumbs down, just ignore those icons. They don't really hold any merit, and it is usually trolls that tag posts with them. Best wishes, Joe and Joey!

I use a scanner as well an epson all in one that I bought at walmart a few years ago somewhere around $120 works fine for all cards.
Thanks for the replies. I do the mass scan and then crop them to individuals. That works great for the 20pt up thru maybe 120pt, but how do you scan the higher pt cards? I tried holding the top of the scanner down but it looks worse than if I had taken them with my cell. I have a higher end HP All-in-one so i try my best not to beat it up. Unfortunately I can't redo the store without decent pics. Joey is a big help, especially on my ***** days, but he is 9 and has limited capability. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Always looking for a decent trade for Ovi, Gaudreau and Marner. Hope everyone has a happy new year!! -Joe (& Joey)

I'm guessing that there is a shadow around the cards. Is there a way you could mask the card with a white piece of cardboard or paper and then crop. On my scanner I can locate the image and crop before the scan even happens, makes it very quick to scan a large amount of cards.
Maybe two pieces of white paper in an L shape so you would place one piece to mask two sides of the card then the other piece to mask the other two sides.

Thanks again for the reply. I can also get a preview on my scanner but didn't have success. I have tried to place the card in the middle of the glass. I have tried to even put multiple pt cards so that everything would scan at the same height. In the past I have set up a jig and taken pictures using my phone. I have tried the same approach using my Nikon and that didn't quite work. Worst case is that I do want I have been doing and bury those cards into the store. Thanks again for the reply. -Joe (& Joey)
If you would, post a scan that you are not happy with. I have a decent amount of photography background and may be able to help. Here are a couple of scans of 180 pt. cards that I have taken. I have a Brother Multi-Function Centre that I use. It is great, but only cost me $200 about five years ago.

[Image: CCI-213.jpg][Image: CCI-212.jpg]

I have deleted most of them because I wasn't happy. This is a weak one to show, but it's all I have left, I think.
AH. The thickness of the One-Touch is the issue there. You could try scanning them out of the One-Touch, or put them into top loaders. Otherwise, that is what you will get, as the scanner focuses on the nearest element that it can pic up. Not a high aperture for those machines.

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