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Full Version: 1986 fleer basketball wax pack
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Hey guys I have a few questions if anybody has some good information on some good ole 1986 fleer basketball wax packs .I have two of them and I would like to know if anybody knows the sequence of the cards. I have one pack that includes Kareem abdul Jabbar sticker card in the back and also the other pack has Dr.j Julius Erving sticker in the back also. By any chance , Can any of these two packs include the Michael Jordan in it? and also what would be the value of these two wax packs ? I have not yet graded the packs but they are in great condition.

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There are videos out there that show the card sequence (Buck Williams before Jordan) but since there are multiple stickers of each player there is nothing predicted using them. With sooooooo many fake packs out there you should send them to PSA for authenticity. Otherwise, not much chance of selling them legitimately.
absotutely, I agree. Definitely gotta send them out to PSA. I have a local card shop that's nearby me and they send collectibles out to PSA. But seriously? Fakes? Dam thats a shame. Hopefully When I send these babies out, I didn't get robbed for my money ! Wish me luck.
You should open them and find out, and let us know how it goes.
(11-30-2019, 11:11 AM)rjcj2017 Wrote: [ -> ]You should open them and find out, and let us know how it goes.
Well I know I have the Kareem Abdul Jabar sticker in the back. I watched an entire video watching a guy opening pack after pack and i'm absolutely for sure that the sequences are not the same. all different. you would be a pro if you could call out all the players just by looking at the first player. Like there are packs that show MJ in the front of the pack. I could even have that. hell of a chance I can have a MJ rookie card in the pack with the Jabar sitcker in the back . Now that would be dope but no, I dont plan on opening the pack. i just plan on grading it on selling it for a goood price.
Literally, there is a video of a guy cutting a pack out of a graded case and he calls every card in the pack by seeing the first card thru the wrapper. Then he opens the pack and they match what he said.

There is a 2017 video by Vintage Breaks that opens an entire box and it shows which card always comes before MJ.

Crazy stuff!
Yes, back then they came in exact sequences ... the Jordan will always come before and after the same cards.

You can tell which packs he's in by the top cards on the packs.

I would never in a million years buy a loose pack because actual wax packs were easy to re-seal, so even if the pack is graded as not re-sealed the only way to know if you have Jordan is to know the right sequence.

For the cost it is not worth it unless you just want the novelty of saying you have an unopened pack.

I don't believe the stickers had anything to do with the sequences, otherwise all those packs would be cherry picked too.

Anyone's best bet of obtaining a Jordan RC would be to buy an authenticated single or a sealed box of that product, but I highly doubt there are that many legit unsearched boxes in existence any more.