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Full Version: Jordan Poole is on the pace to set worst shooting season of all time by a HUGE margin
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After 16 games, Warriors' 28th overall pick Jordan Poole is averaging 10.5 FGA with .268 %FG and 5.5 3PA with .239 %3PFG.

There's nobody in NBA history who shot under %35 FG and %30 3PFG with over 10.5 FGAs and 5.5 3PAs per game. (min. requirement is to be qualified for MPG leaderboard.)

Current record for the worst season is set by Kobe Bryant in his last season with 16.9 FGA, 7.1 3PA per game, shooting .358 from the field and .285 behind the arc.

Poole is averaging %9 less %FG and %5.5 less %3PFG which makes his season the worst of all time by a HUGE margin. There's nobody who shot under %35 and %30 but if he keeps shooting this way he will raise the bar to %30 and %25.

This sequence pretty much sums up his terrible first NBA season.fedloan easybib

Eric Gordon is also on the pace to break Kobe's record, he's currently averaging 12.2 FGA with .309 %FG and 8.2 3PA with .284 %3PFG.