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Full Version: LTTF: '19-20 Upper Deck Young Guns & Insterts,Auston Matthews and New York Islanders
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Hi there. I usually trade over on the baseball boards but since I've started working more on my hockey collection as well, I figured I would check it out over here as well.

Most of what I have up for trade are my duplicates and some cards from some older sets.

I'm putting together the '19-20 Upper Deck set. Base set is complete so I'm looking to plug in the rest of the Young Guns I need plus any and all inserts.

Secondly, I am looking for Matthews base/lower end of the spectrum cards to add to the PC. My son is a huge Matthews fan and so I've been putting a PC collection for him.

Lastly, I am a New York Islander fan and so I'm looking to add to that collection as well.

For Matthews and UD, my wants are listed. For the Islanders, I'll take a look as the offers come in.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope to get some trades done.
So it doesn't appear there's much trading done on the hockey boards these days, huh? Do you guys and gals get more trades done on the other boards by collectors who also happen to collect hockey?

I know the shipping between the US and Canada has put up a bit of a barrier on trading. I also imagine subscribership is down as well. So I'm not surprised to not see that much activity. Although I am surprised there isn't a lot more trading being done exclusively in Canada. Although there are probably other sites now that I don't even know about.

If you are still an active trader, please raise your hand. Even if we can't personally work out a trade, maybe it'll open up some channels for others that lurking doesn't draw out.
Trade offer sent.
The site has taken a downfall for sure. Most of the members that I deal with here now are long standing members, and simply amazing! The thing that I have found is that most hockey collectors are hockey exclusive. I am not, as my son like football and baseball. The collecting together helps to "lessen" the distance (he is in Minnesota, I am in Nova Scotia), which gives me more to look forward to.

Another thing is that you do not appear to have much in the way of hockey that would suit many collectors here. A good portion of the remaining members are either set collectors, or player collectors (or both). With a smaller batch in the Org., you will have a more difficult time. Everyone starts out this way, though. The trades will come, and hopefully more members will poke their heads out.

Hope that this sheds a bit of light. Best wishes!

Hi Randi,

I very much appreciate the input. I know that my Org isn't that grand with respect to Hockey since I just started to pick up collecting seriously again. Being somewhat old school, I would consider myself a set collector above all else. I'm still working out the blueprints for what I will collect with both Hockey and Baseball. The thought process being that I will put together a couple of sets in each sport each year and then picking off the higher end autos/rookies on an individual basis by buying them.

Having been a member on and off for years on Beckett, I figured this would be a good place to unload some of the duplicates from the sets I'm collecting and picking up what I need to complete the sets and Islanders base cards with the occasional Matthews (my son is a huge Matthews fan). I know over time my Org will grow to where it's more mass appealing but I wanted to kick the tires first on here to see if trading is a viable option or if I should just attempt to sell my dupes and buy what I need elsewhere. I usually do both but as you know, entering everything on here can be a bit time consuming. So the jury is still out.

Perhaps if we build it, they will come. Thank you for taking the time to respond and I hope we can work out some trades in the future Smile