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Full Version: Price guide suggestions
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Here are my suggestions:

1) Try including all of Topps online offerings, not just random ones or starting them and then never adding anymore prices i.e. Topps Living Set.

2) Try being update on pricing. Examples: 2019 Topps Update Tommy Edman, almost a month and still has a N/A, It took over a year for you guys to update the price on Jose Ramirez 2014 Heritage.

3) Do not have an account manager call your customers constantly, trying to get them to resubscribe at a discount price when its actually cheaper to just cancel your subscription and then resubscribe.

I know there are a ton of cards out there to keep track of but you guys still charge a premium for your service. It is disheartening when baseball season ends and it seems like you guys just move on to the next sport and do not update anything on baseball. If you guys cannot keep up with the sports during the off season then do not charge for the service then.
How about doing an organize update to modernize how we collect and record collections.