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Full Version: Nationals/Expos Team Binder - Need Help
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Now that the ORG is back in full force, I've moved onto my Expos/Nationals team binder. You know World Series and all (I'm a Braves fan, so Dodgy)

Need base of the following:

Gary Carter
Andre Dawson
Delino DeShilelds
Andres Galarraga
Marquis Grissom
Vladimir Guerrero
Dennis Martinez
Pedro Martinez
Tim Raines
Jeff Reardon
Anthony Rendon
Steve Rogers
Max Scherzer
Stephen Strasburg
Larry Walker
Tim Wallach
Jayson Werth
Ryan Zimmerman

*I know Bryce Harper isn't on the list, I'm tackling his cards a different route.

PLEASE NOTE - only cards of the above players in MON/WSH uniform, no AUTO, no GU. Send me an open offer and thanks!!
I probably have tons of these sitting in my ORG available for trade. Take a look and I can find something I'd want in return I'm sure. I have no attachment to any of those players.
Check me as well as I have all of these and can easily find something in return.