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Full Version: The USPS Math Just Isn't Working For Me
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I'm 44 years old.

I've been paying my phone bill since I was 18 years old.

So that's what, 300+ payments?

And guess what, I use one regular US postage stamp per payment and have never - in 26 years - had the phone company call me and tell me they didn't receive my payment.

So how is it, that someone who recently sent me their end of a trade, can pay $4+ for one bubble mailer package with tracking, and have the package not get to me?

The "most recent" tracking update says the package was in Pittsburg, CA on September 27 - a week ago.

From where I am, the two cities are a grand total of 60 miles apart.

I asked my post office to contact their post office, and they said they don't have it.

Apparently it's "looping" now.

Great! WTF does that mean?

So I guess we pay $4+ for a tracking number that ensures they don't know where it is.

It was a pretty major PC add so I'm pretty irritated at the moment, in case you can't tell.

Not to mention, a couple of weeks ago I sent out my end of a different trade and once the package was received, all the cards were damaged despite my appropriate packaging prior to sending it out.

Thanks a lot, USPS, you're doing an amazing job right now!

This falls under the classic "You Had One Job" category.

Other examples:

- A movie theater that does not show movies
- A restaurant that has no food
- A car dealership that has no cars for sale
- A playground without equipment
- A garbage truck that just runs over the cans
Always go UPS - USPS are absolutely useless. They only "Collect" once a week and rarely update.
(10-04-2019, 04:57 PM)taffster74 Wrote: [ -> ]Always go UPS - USPS are absolutely useless. They only "Collect" once a week and rarely update.
They're usually pretty good about updating the tracking from point to point ... my issue is, when they lose a package, the tracking just stops.

Meaning, they can no longer say it left Pittsburg, whether it's actually on the way to the next PO, etc.

It just disappears and there's no recourse.

So you don't know if it fell off the truck, the conveyor belt, someone just put it in their pocket or it's just sitting on someone's desk somewhere.

I can't think of another type of business where you're just absolutely SOL.

Like, they can't give you anything of equal value to replace it.

What are they gonna do, give me a book of stamps?

Who gives a crap!
Good news, everyone ... my card arrived safely today, after a two-week wait!

Major add to my USC football PC:

[Image: Mike.jpg]

My thanks to ftjags28 for a great trade!