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Full Version: 2019 RFFG - Week 30 - STANDINGS
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This week's race is on Sunday 10/06 @ Dover - 2:30pm on NBCSN. The cutoff time to make or change picks is Saturday 10/05 at 11pm EDT. BTW, everyone is still mathematically alive to win the game this season. This time last year, only 8 were still alive. Here are the current points standings:

1. wsc - 1094
2. kd80 - 1060 (-34)
3. kev - 1035 (-59)
4. spaz - 1030 (-64)
5T. dun - 1006 (- 88) [3W]
5T. pbo - 1006 (-88) [2W]
7. lead - 990 (-104)
8. a9a - 930 (-164)
9. stel - 855 (-239)
10. jas - 825 (-269)
11. csc - 763 (-331)


I'm going with Johnson for now.
I am going with Truex jr.
I think the 9 can go back to back, so i will take Chase Elliott...
I'm going to try Harvick
I haven't heard anything from Mark, so I guess his stay has been extended. I told him I'd make his picks for him while he's gone, so he's going with Elliott again.
I was going to change my pick. But that is only b/c I thought I picked KyB again. I'm totally sticking with JJ. I think he might have a chance to break the winless streak on Sunday. Looking really good after 2 practices! We'll see what happens in Qualifying though.
I am back thank you spaz for making my picks and thank you friends and competators for allowing him to do so

I will take Larson
Martin Truex.... Thanks!
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