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Full Version: Jordan Fleer Rookie BGS 8, 0001719780
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Jordan Fleer Rookie BGS 8, 0001719780
Hi, I'm brand new here so I'm not trying to sell anyone here my card Smile.

I was wondering what this card generally goes for on ebay ect.

Card number is 0001719780, over 8, subs 8,8,8.5,8.5. card graded Monday, February 25, 2002. Not sure if I have to subscribe to get a price idea, but, this is my only good card and I don't plan on researching others. Never sold a card before so I was also wondering where is a good place to sell...ebay maybe?

Thanks all!
Have you checked completed auctions on eBay? They're usually a good indicator.
If you sell on eBay youll be subject to the 10 percent fees. Also now that the new eBay sales tax has kicked in, people are probably calculating that into their final purchase price. Do some research, then feel free to list it with an asking price. If it doesnt sell here, then you can always go back to eBay.