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Full Version: 2018-19 Chronicles ORG Odd Issue
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So it looks like the entire base set of Panini Chronicles is now priced. However, I had gone ahead and put the cards I got out of a hobby box in a fold in my ORG and just let them sit there as "n/a" until pricing became available.

I noticed today that the entire base set has pricing (none of the parallels yet) but when I go to my ORG folder, 90% of the base set still says "n/a".

So I tried an easy one. Card #1 is Aaron Gordon. I deleted it, then emptied the trash, then re-added it. It says "n/a" again. Is it normal for the ORG to do that?
It's weird as I just checked your ORG and the Aaron Gordon is listed as $0.60, but the rest all show "n/a". I am actually working on that set, so I may send you a trade offer once I get a chance to check to see if you have any that I need.
Let me know. I have no real attachment to any of it. Might keep 1 Luca and 1 Trae but that's about it. The rest is dispensable. If you go over and look the cards up by searching for the set the prices are correct. Green and pink parallels aren't priced yet though
FYI, I started a trade and the card prices (aside from the parallels) show up in the trade so that makes it easier. I still need a bunch, so I may grab another hanger or blaster or 2 before getting too serious on trading.