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Full Version: NOW WITH SCAN - Anyone need a Nikola Jokic auto?
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So a few months ago I traded for a 2018-19 Panini Revolution Nikola Jokic auto - thanks Art!

Unrelated to that, a couple of months ago I sent some damage replacements in to Panini.

They just let me know they are replacing them with ... wait for it ... a Nikola Jokic auto.

2017-18 Cornerstones, in fact.

Both are on card ... the Cornerstones has mem swatches and is numbered as well so I would ask for a little more for that one ...

[Image: Jokic.jpg]

But either one is for trade.

My main basketball wants:

- Kawhi Leonard auto (could package my Kwahi Prizm RC with one of the Jokic autos to make it work)
- Vince Carter auto in Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic or Atlanta Hawks uni (have autos of him on all of his other teams)
- Michael Porter Jr. auto
- Shaquille O'Neal auto
- Always willing to look at Sacramento Kings and LeBron stuff
- Zion stuff, of course, when it starts rolling out

If you have any of these, hit me up!

Happy to check orgs too.


Scan added of Cornerstones auto that came in this morning, see top.