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Full Version: 2019 RFFG - Week 25 - STANDINGS
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This week's race is on Sunday 9/01 @ Darlington - 6pm on NBCSN. Do you want to know why this race isn't on NBC?! Apparently they think "America's Got Talent" is more important! Stupid idiots over there at NBC. NASCAR and IndyCar are pretty much the only things I watch on any of their networks. Anyway, the cutoff time to make or change picks for the race is on Saturday 8/31 at 11pm EDT. Here are the current points standings:

1. wsc - 952
2. kev - 893 (-59)
3. spaz - 884 (-68)
4. lead - 863 (-89)
5. kd80 - 862 (-90)
6. pbo - 806 (-146)
7. dun - 790 (-162)
8. a9a - 757 (-195)
9. csc - 723 (-229)
10. stel - 716 (-236)
11. jas - 656 (-296)


I'll go with Kyle Busch for now.

ALSO, Mark (aka - a9a) is off in the Indian Ocean again for about a month. He's asked me to pick Chase Elliott for him this week (and continuing thru the 9/21 race @ Richmond).
The early pick for me is Kyle Larson...
I'll take Harvick this week.
Kyle Larson for me..
Kyle Larson! Thanks!
hey all, was out in the woods in TN last race, we were suppose to have wifi but it wasent working. Sorry i missed the cut line. anyways im going with the duce Brad K.
Martin truex jr
I'm going to change my pick to Jimmie Johnson.
Kevin and Tony didn't make picks yet. Kevin has both FP's left though. I'll check back before the race to see if he uses one to make a pick. All other picks have been written down.
Also, with the constant changes in the forecast for Hurricane Dorian, I am working on a contingency plan for this game in case it gets to me. The "cone" puts me right on the western edge now. The storm is still days away from NC, but so was Michael last year before it took out my power for almost 3 days and flooding fried my wifi when the power did come back on. The internet issue from that won't be a problem this time since it's upstairs now, but if I lose power I won't be able to handle the game until after power is restored.

Enjoy the race Sunday evening and I'll keep you all informed. I know Mark is not at home in FL, but I hope his family is either with him or cleared out of there to the west!
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