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Full Version: Does Demarcus make comeback
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Very nice DeMarcus card!

It's going to be tough for him. I am a lifelong Kings fan and watched him in the Finals last year against Toronto ... no lift or burst whatsoever, and that was when he was coming off the Achilles heel and the quad.

Now with the ACL, wow.

The only saving grace is that while he is rehabbing the ACL, he can also work on strengthening the Achilles and the quad without the strain of trying to practice and play 82 games.

Also, he's still relatively young, as he just turned 29, so he'll be just barely 30 when he's back on the court.

As odd as it sounds, this may actually be a blessing in disguise, as he'll be forced to do nothing but work on strengthening his legs this year.
I graduated from the University of Kentucky but am a life-long UNC Tarheels fan. Now I generally hate UK fans, but Cousins is one of their few pro players I like. I live in OKC now and wish the Thunder would have picked him up cheap instead of GSW. However, this is a pretty big blow. And at his size, it makes it worse. I hope he does come back because watching him and AD in NO was a lot of fun.

No matter how much I dislike a program or even a player, I hate to see injuries. I've been through a few myself as a player back in my younger days. I hate injuries even to guys I can't stand. But I had a soft spot for Cousins after he became a pro. I'm pulling for him.
Injury aside, he's got a warrant out for his arrest now. That has to put a damper on his comeback chances.